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October 2018 - March 2019
Henry IX, an Airbrushed Stuart
by Monsignor John Hughes
The Scottish Submarine Centre
by Bob Seaward
Machiavelli and the Renaissance
by Jim Carmichael
Poetic Injustice - Life Stripped Bare
by Jonathan Ward and Roo Irvine
On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service
by Eric Thompson
Coastal Defences of the Upper Clyde
by Tony Belk
Astronomical Telescopes for the Amateur
by Alan Henderson
Being Bombed in WWII
by Ian Nicholson
Not a Lot of Water and Precious Little to Drink
by Alistair Cameron
Christmas Party and Musical Entertainment
The Origins and Development of the Kayak and Kayaking
by Geoff Baker
Is there Life on Planets around Other Stars?
by Alan Carrie
Robert Burns - The French Connection
by Richard and Marion Maudsley
Madame Scotia, Madam Scrap
by Helene Witcher
Rhododendrons - Where Did They Come from?
by Carol Rowe
The Real St. Valentine
by Derek Hall
Reminiscences of a Social Worker
by John Busby
Miss - What is Art?
by Hilary Richardson
The Mackintosh Club Rooms - An Update
by Bruce Jamieson
Annual General Meeting and Quiz

October 2017 - March 2018
The Changing Face of Qatar by the Rev Ann Cameron and Alistair Cameron
70th Anniversary of our founding Celebration
by Derek Hall
John Everett Millais
by Ailsa Turner
The Heroes who built the Glenlee
by Ian Nicolson
For Love of the Rhododendron
by Carol Rowe
The History of VIC32
by Nick and Rachel Walker
I went to Tristan
by James Crawford
Christmas Party and Musical Entertainment
William Fife and the America's Cup
by Iain McAllister
Mountain Rescue
by Steve Hearns
Singlish, Chinglish, Vinglish.... - Teaching English in Asia
by Dr Alan Richardson
The Wonder of Antiques
by Arusha Irvine
A Tourist's View of Japan
by Seonaid Baker
The Man who caused the Boer War
by David Harvie
The Mackintosh Club Rooms
by Bruce Jamieson
The Cars that I have owned (and the ones that got away)
by David Morgan
History of Accident and Emergency
by Dr Gordon McNaughton
Annual General Meeting and Quiz

October 2016 - March 2017

Musings of a Naval Padre by the Rev Dr Charles Edward Stewart
Burrell & Sons Tramp Ship Company by John Rattenbury 
Historic Kilmun and the Argyll Museum by David McKenzie
Emergency Medicine by Dr Gordon McNaughton
How Not to Write a Novel by Nicola White
A Thin Place (where two worlds meet) by Gordon Smith
What a Lady! Fanny Lucy Radmall by Alastair Wilson
Jan Vermeer (The Girl with the Pearl Earring) by Ailsa Turner
Pipers in European Art (complete with piper) by Marion and Richard Maudsley
Christmas Party and Musical Entertainment
North Clyde Archeological Society by Tam Ward
Life and Philosophy of Robert Owen by Derek Hall
Benmore Gardens by Peter Baxter
Robert Salmon's View of Glasgow Harbour, 1832 by Dr Martin Bellamy
Notes from a Small Island - Singapore by Dr Alan Richardson
Lights, Camera, Action - Photographing the Performing Arts by Andrew King
The Order of St John by Douglas Dow
British Chaplains and the two World Wars by the Rev Dr Neil E Allison
Annual General Meeting and Quiz

October 2015 - March 2016
From Habbie to Jeely Eater 
by the Rev Ian Miller
Something Maritime - Nelson by Nick Davies
John Constable - English Romantic Painter by Ailsa Turner
Saving Moderno by Domenico del Priore
American Merlins and Mustangs by Alistair Wilson
My Poetry and some of its Secrets by Catriona Malan
The History of Helensburgh by Stewart Noble
70 Years in the Boat Industry by Ian Nicolson
Hill House by Lorna Hepburn
Christmas Party and Musical Entertainment
GM Foods - Where To? by Derek Hall
My Story of Stained Glass by Yvonne Thomson
Is there Oil down there? by Ken Bradshaw
Accident and Emergency by Dr Gordon McNaughton
Eight Days in Cuba by Fred Booth
Scottish Names and their Relevance to History by Oliver Thomson
Voices from the Pit by Stephen Adams
Spanish Treasure by Douglas Dow
The Glenlee by Alan Blackwood
Annual General Meeting and Quiz

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